Stay plates, Nightguards and Repairs

Stay plates - a simple temporary appliance

Stay plates, or otherwise known as flippers, are a good temporary appliance until a permanent treatment is determined. We make simple one tooth flippers to complex multi teeth appliances with wire or acetal resin clasps. Since these are a temporary appliance, we use economy teeth. Our schedule for stay plates vary depending on the complexity of the case. Most single tooth stay plates are a 2 day day turn around while we request up to 6 working days for over six tooth appliance. If acetal clasps are added, then 8 working days. Please contact us if you have any scheduling questions. 

Nightguards - Hard, Hard/Soft, Deprogrammer and NTI splints 

We offer three different types of splints: Hard, Hard/Soft, Deprogrammer and NTI splints. Our most popular splints are Hard and Comfort Hard/Soft splint.

HARD : This is a non-flexible appliance that offers protection from moderate bruxing. We can also insert clasps for maximum retention.

COMFORT HARD/SOFT : The outside is hard and the inside is soft. This is an ideal night guard for a patient that is allergic to most acrylics and metals. This is our most popular splint.  

With all of our night guards, we provide a carrier box for the patient to store it in. We also can provide a copy of the MSDS sheet. Please visit our Laboratory Forms page for the link for a copy. Also, we have made a care sheet you can print and give to your patient. Because each splint is different, we charge accordingly. Please call us if you have any questions on a splint that needs special attention.

Need a Repair or Reline done?


Effective April 1, 2019 new schedule for repairs

All simple repairs and relines will be scheduled to take up to 2 business days

All Metal-Cast / Complex repairs up to 4 business days

We ask that ALL REPAIRS be pre-scheduled. If a repair is called in, we will do our very best to accommodate your patients schedule, but the repair will be scheduled based on available time and our current schedule for the day and/or week. Some repairs can be done sooner so we will inform you when we can deliver sooner.

We support our full service clients with repairs. 

 We are not able to only do repairs for you if other cases are not made by us as well.  

We offer two types of relines: Hard and Soft. Hard relines are generally done in one day and Soft Relines are a two day process (it includes an overnight curing process) . Laser welding is available for the most complex repairs. It is ideal for repairing cast partials, attachments, bridges and implant cases. Laser welding can melt metal with absolute precision yet produce minimal heat and makes strong and seamless bonds. Because each repair is different, we charge accordingly. Please call us if you have any questions on a repair that needs special attention.