Porcelain Fused to Metal Restorations

We c​reate each PFM from start to finish in our laboratory. We start with the best double die pin system model work, using the recommended impressions and then use ADA Alloy gold from Argen to make the under structure. The finest porcelain and techniques are used to build the best crowns. 

We also offer custom shading in house for those hard to match shades. All custom shading is done at our laboratory and done by appointment only. We only use ADA yellow or white gold for the best results. Porcelain shades are VITA 3D shade, crowns with metal occlusion, standard or porcelain margins. We only use the best Alloys for all our PFM and Full Gold restorations. Based on the doctors request and on the case, we use different alloys to meet those needs. Please call if you want to review our gold options. 

Our partial designed crowns are carefully reviewed for precision detail to ensure optimum results and are individually reviewed by Daniel Carlson, CDT to insure the perfect fit, color and fabrication.

Full Gold Crowns, Inlays and Overlays

We offer a full assortment of gold restorations that include Full Gold Crowns, inlays and onlays, metal occlusals on PFM's, Full Gold Crowns for implants as well as implant bridges and frames for the most complex multi tooth restoration cases.

Very strong and durable metal choice for molars choice of white or yellow gold. For our Full Gold Crowns, we only use Noble and High Noble Alloy. Based on the doctors request and on the specific case, we use different alloys to meet those needs.

Titanium Crowns

With the price of gold and other precious alloys hitting record high prices, Titanium is an excellent alternative to gold and here are several reasons why: Biocompatible - high strength, hypoallergenic. Titanium is non-toxic so it is not rejected by the body, Radiolucent, Lightweight, precision produced using 5-axis milling from a solid block,

Titanium crowns are designed with our NobelProcera™ CAD system. 'NobelProcera™ Crown and Bridge Titanium solutions are milled from a solid monobloc of alloyed Titanium (Ti6Al4V), which is more applicable for bridges with small connectors. This differs from NobelProcera™ Implant Bridges which are milled from Grade 2 Titanium. ' Titanium crowns can be milled as a single full metal, full metal implant crown or porcelain fused unit or implant crown up to a 14 unit bridge. The minimum thickness for a crown is .4mm.