Removable Partial Dentures 

Cobalt chrome alloy partial dentures generally occupy less space in the mouth than acrylic dentures and offer exceptional strength and durability. All removable appliances are different and specific to each patient. We offer partials in NobilStar Cobalt base and High Noble gold. We also offer acetal clasps to further enhance the aesthetics.

We also make complex hinged frames, full metal palate frames for dentures as well as cast clasps for stay plates. We specialize in custom designed frames to fit existing crowns or crowns that we fabricate at the same lab time. Daniel personally designs and consults with our crown team on these cases to ensure the perfect fabrication and fit. 

TCS Flexible Partials and DurAcetal® and DuraFlex clasps

With better esthetics and hygiene, it’s no wonder that flexible partials are the premier choice for doctors and patients alike! TCS Flexible Partial Dentures are made out of a biocompatible, pure thermoplastic material that is non-toxic and contains no BPA or unsightly metal clasps. With unique physical properties, flexibility, and color stability, the functionality TCS partials help preserve existing teeth. TCS Flexible Partial Dentures adjust and flex with the contours of your mouth as you chew, talk and smile.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable : TCS resins have properties that allow partials to be fabricated very thin without compromising durability, making them very comfortable for the patient.
  • Aesthetic : TCS restorations are manufactured to blend naturally with the surrounding tissue and gums. A well designed and fabricated TCS appliance will be unnoticeable in the patient’s mouth.
  • Biocompatible : TCS restorations are biocompatible, and ideal for patients that are allergic to monomers found in acrylic dentures.
  • Flexible : TCS flexible partials offer the ideal degree of flexibility, and patients find the adjustment period much smoother when compared to conventional partial dentures.
  • Non-invasive : Unlike permanent tooth replacement options, such as crown/bridge and implants, TCS partials are non-invasive, making them ideal for patients with a low threshold for pain and/or the very elderly. The unique characteristics of TCS partials utilize the tissue undercuts and portions of abutment teeth for retention. These are an excellent product but we are NOT able to repair or add teeth to these appliances. Due to the nature of this product, a new appliance would need to be made if a major repair was needed. 

We offer Acetal Resin (thermo) clasps on our cobalt or gold partials as well as stay plates. They are an excellent aesthetic alternative to a traditional clasp. We also use this thermo material to make unilateral partials. They are a perfect alternative to a traditional metal unilateral partial.

Natural looking and we are able to match Vita tooth and gum shades. Stronger than acrylic clasps with excellent retention. Monomer Free, Bio-compatible, stain and bacteria resistant, and easy to clean. Perfect to create beautiful tooth or gum colored clasps on metal partials or stay plates.

Full Gold Partials

Full Gold Partials are an excellent alternative to traditional chrome partials. All gold partials are strong, flexible as it can expand and contract with your patients mouth. Not only is gold a safe alternative it is the most used alloy in dentistry today! Gold is best for patients with metal allergies. Gold can expand and have a better fit. We only use only High Noble type IV gold. We take special care with these cases and only use the best alloys. We work with the doctor to use the correct gold for each case. With each gold case we provide the alloy breakdown so to aid the doctor with any questions the patient may have. 

 Please go to Argen Gold for any specific gold questions: